Summer Scouting

Our Scouts heritage Range is ideal for summer! Whether you’re camping, BBQing or just enjoying the outdoors, the Scouts range has something for you.

The Scout Enamelware plate, mug and bowl are picnic and camping essentials. Designed to withstand the test of time, the bowl and mug come with an airtight lid – so you can store your liquids and food without fear of spillage.


The LED Storm Lantern is a vintage looking hurricane lamp with a modern twist. The adjustable energy saving LED light means there’s no smelly kerosene or fire danger. Available in Red or Blue, Small or Large. Great for the garden, camping, caravanning and much more.


The Scout Mini Tin has been styled like a miniature ammunition tin and is virtually indestructible. Designed with sprung snap shut clips, the Mini Tin is perfect for storing your valuable possessions or even just all those bits and bobs. Ideal for travelling, festivals and the outdoors.





Be Festival Prepared with True Utility

Festival season is upon us and there is just so much to choose from but no matter which festival you’re attending ensure you are prepared and equipped to take on anything with some True Utility.

The FlashStash is a pocket flashlight with cleverly incorporated secret stash. Let the FlashStash help you find your tent after a few too many beers while also hiding any spare cash, headache tablets or anything else you want to keep secret. Stylish, ultra bright, waterproof and can be attached to anything you want.


The TagTool is a thin multi-tool in the shape of a Dog Tag. Although it’s small it still manages to squeeze an unbelievable amount into tiniest space. 5 tools flat knife, serrated knife, flat head screwdriver, nail file and yes of course that all important bottle opener.


Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just two weeks away (June 15th). Still stumped on what to get him? We’ve got gifts for all those DIY Dads out there.

The Scarab’s uniquely contoured folding-handle design means it’s comfortable and compact. But just because its compact doesn’t mean we’ve scrimped on any features, the Scarab still comes with serrated needle nose pliers and wire strippers, Phillips screwdriver, knife, file and flat screw driver.


Our HandSpan is a Patented adjustable Spanner, Screwdriver and Calliper for your key-ring. This gadget will put a smile on any Fathers face.



The MiniDriver will not only look great on your dad’s key chain but will always come in handy. This key-ring screwdriver set cleverly contains four different screwdrivers – both small and large Phillips and flat. Simply slide a coin into the slotted end to add torque.