Back to School Gear

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Back to School is upon us and with it the frantic rush to pick up all the school essentials before term time begins. Here at True Utility we’ve designed some pretty nifty accessories that make great Back to School gear.   

One of the new products we’re launching this Back To School season is the Stylus Pen – A miniature writing pen that extends telescopically into a full size pen, with a stylus on the other end. One of the best things about this pen is that it can be attached to anything via the built in clip in the lid. This is perfect for attaching to your backpack or pencil case –  the pen is no extra effort to remember or carry but is always there when you need it. 


Always forgetting your lunch money? Luckily we’ve got a range of miniature cash capsules that can be attached to your belt, key-ring or bag. Our CashStash can hold one note of any currency and is great for those lunch time emergencies. They come in black, pink or silver which means you can coordinate this stylish little accessory with the rest of your school gear.  



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