Have you met Jim? He’s Our Biggest Fan!

Meet Jim – Our Biggest Fan. 

He’s the luckiest guy we know with the ladies…  He’s got all the girls swooning over his tool!

Watch Jim get lucky when his first date is saved by the CashStash – an emergency key-ring cash capsule that stores one note of any currency.

We’ve all been there, when you get home from a night on the town only to discover you’ve spent all your money, can’t pay your cab fare and the cab driver just ins’t up for negotiations. Or how about that awkward moment when that cute waitress is giving you funny looks because you’ve tipped out all of your pockets and still all you can leave her as a tip is a ball of lint and a stick of gum. Not so impressive.

The CashStash is an absolute life saver in those everyday emergencies, whether your a total ladies man like Jim or just an average Joe.


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