TelePen Featured in Urban Prepper’s Urban Altoids Survival Tin (v2.0)

One of our best everyday carry items, the TelePen has been featured in Urban Prepper’s awesome Urban Altoids Survival Tin (v2.0) video. Urban Prepper’s ingenious mini survival kit has all the necessary essentials and the TelePen makes a valuable addition.

The TelepPen is a True Utility classic and is perfect for EDC. The miniature pen is a small as your door key but extends into a full length ball point pen with one tug. You can attach the TelePen to your key-ring or anything else you fancy, so it is always there and readily available to jot down a phone number, shopping list or address . Its stainless steel body means the pen is light weight while still being hard wearing and durable. Get yours here for just £6.50.

Check out Urban Preppers YouTube and make sure you like his Facebook page!

For the Gadget lovers out there we’ve also created the StylusPen, designed in the same way as the TelePen but with a soft touch super sensitive stylus on the end, ideal for tablets or touch screen phones. The StylusPen is available in Black, Ivory or Red and is just £7.99. Get your StylusPen here.



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