Summer Scouting

Our Scouts heritage Range is ideal for summer! Whether you’re camping, BBQing or just enjoying the outdoors, the Scouts range has something for you.

The Scout Enamelware plate, mug and bowl are picnic and camping essentials. Designed to withstand the test of time, the bowl and mug come with an airtight lid – so you can store your liquids and food without fear of spillage.


The LED Storm Lantern is a vintage looking hurricane lamp with a modern twist. The adjustable energy saving LED light means there’s no smelly kerosene or fire danger. Available in Red or Blue, Small or Large. Great for the garden, camping, caravanning and much more.


The Scout Mini Tin has been styled like a miniature ammunition tin and is virtually indestructible. Designed with sprung snap shut clips, the Mini Tin is perfect for storing your valuable possessions or even just all those bits and bobs. Ideal for travelling, festivals and the outdoors.






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