The Terrific TrollyDolly

Another video for you to check out, this one features the TrollyDolly a cleverly designed shopping trolley release tool. Simply pushes into the Pound/Euro slot in most supermarket trolleys and pulls out again to free the trolley without having to use a coin. Never get stuck at the supermarket again.


2014 Ambiente Trade Fair

TRUE UTILITY are excited to be displaying at Ambiente Trade Fair in Frankfurt from Thursday 6th of February until Tuesday the 11th of February. We will be launching our brand new Gift Box packaging as well as our new range of Cable Chargers for your mobile phone.

Come and see our new Gift Box packaging – eye catching and interactive. The front of the box can be opened to display the products, alongside a lifestyle shot showing off its functionality. The Gift boxes will come in a range of striking colours each coordinated with a particular product, meaning there really is a gift to suit anybody. The New Gift Box will be available in Spring/Summer 2014.


The new Mobile Charger Range provides a solution to two common problems – first, phones generally run out of battery too quickly.  Second chargers are too bulky when on the go. As a solution, True Utility created the Cable Charger range so you can quickly charge your phone anytime anywhere. The chargers have been designed with premium flat copper wire cable for super fast charging.  Designed to sit on your key-ring – lightweight and small.  We are very excited about these products – sure to be a classic True Utility essential. Available for Micro USB, iPhone and iPhone 5.  Available in Spring/Summer 2014.


Jim Gets Even Luckier

This week Jim’s been at the Pub and he’s got even luckier. Watch as this gorgeous girl gets all hot and bothered over his tool.

The TelePen is a fully extendable miniature pen that attaches to your key-ring. It’s so small but so useful you won’t even notice it’s there until you need it. Perfect for making a quick shopping list, leaving yourself reminders and of course getting girls phone numbers.

Get your TelePen here

Have you met Jim? He’s Our Biggest Fan!

Meet Jim – Our Biggest Fan. 

He’s the luckiest guy we know with the ladies…  He’s got all the girls swooning over his tool!

Watch Jim get lucky when his first date is saved by the CashStash – an emergency key-ring cash capsule that stores one note of any currency.

We’ve all been there, when you get home from a night on the town only to discover you’ve spent all your money, can’t pay your cab fare and the cab driver just ins’t up for negotiations. Or how about that awkward moment when that cute waitress is giving you funny looks because you’ve tipped out all of your pockets and still all you can leave her as a tip is a ball of lint and a stick of gum. Not so impressive.

The CashStash is an absolute life saver in those everyday emergencies, whether your a total ladies man like Jim or just an average Joe.